A tool to help you Analyse, Optimise and Grow your SEO.

A big data analytics tool using Google Search Console data to help you grow your SEO.

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Our Tools Help You Grow your SEO

Powerful tools to help you grow

  • SERP Distribution

    Understand your SERP ranking distribution across your entire keyword visiblity - not a small sample, like other tools.

  • Advanced Segmentation

    Apply advanced segments to drill-down into the data and gain granular insight into what's happening - you can even use regex.

  • On-page Analysis

    Check all your keywords for on-page placement with a single click - you can even set-up custom CSS Selectors to check specific areas of your pages.

  • Keyword Cannibalization

    Find keyword cannibalization issues, at scale, across your entire keyword index and view historic trends to monitor your changes.

  • CTR Testing

    Create CTR change tests to track key metrics (you can also use it to track interal linking, content changes or anythign else) - great for set-and-forget changes.

  • Content Optimisation Editor

    Add target keywords to the editor and craft your content to rank higher within the SERPs - add your content teams to create streamlined workflows (you analyse, they action). 

Our data is in the billions, not millions.

What some of our customers say

  • Sorcha Mullis

    We have just completed a highly successful multi-language website migration, and couldn't have done it as smoothly without Big Metrics.

    It came in so handy to test new content we were rolling out in the run up to the migration, and allowed us greater insight to the indexation of the new content in our core markets.

  • David Groom

    Big Metrics is a great toolset to visualise and better understand Search Console data.

    Easily find issues that may be hindering your organic visibility.

  • Carl Hendy

    I’ve been using Big Metrics from day one of the product launch. It’s one of those very rare SEO tools that offer actionable insights that can not be found on other SEO platforms. 

    The output of the data visually allows me to share insights which company owners and key stakeholders that they understand without having to manipulate the data in any way. 

  • Paddy Moogan

    We love Big Metrics because it makes Search Console data far more actionable and allows us to spot technical SEO problems far quicker than the standard interface.

    We'd highly recommend it to business owners, in-house teams and agencies who work on technical SEO improvements to their websites.

  • Geoff Kenyon

    Big Metrics has been a great addon to Google Search Console for our SEO tool stack.

    Providing support for long term data warehousing, keyword cannibalization and cleanup, and CTR testing and optimization.

  • John Morabito

    Big Metrics is one of those tools I feel like I have been waiting for my whole SEO career.

    We use it on a number of accounts and have been pleased with just about everything about the tool.

  • Zdenek Dvorak

    I can monitor the performance of really big sites, provide high level overviews or very detailed reports for a specific part of any site or queries.

    You will also love the ability to run SEO tests in the easiest possible way.

    I decided to pay almost instantly. 

  • Daniel Brooks

    I absolutely love the cannibalisation report available in Big Metrics. It's allowed me to provide actionable advice for clients and has proven to provide results.

    It's a great tool and something that you should definitely have in your SEO toolbox.

  • Tom Rayner

    BigMetrics is a huge time saver. It takes the data from Google Search Console and makes it infinitely more useful, and it finds opportunities for you that you didn't even know were there.

    I love it. 

  • Dean Cruddace

    Having the ability to give my clients access so they can see exactly what is going on with their SEO campaigns goes a long way to me using Bigmetrics as an integral part of my processes, also since discovering Bigmetrics I have less need for a number of other tools, I highly recommend you try, you'll see why it's a such a powerful tool to use.

  • John-Henry Scherck

    Big Metrics provides the intuitive charting and advanced filtering that I've always wanted out of Google Search Console. It's my reporting layer of choice.

  • Suganthan Mohanadasan

    Big Metrics is Google search console on steroids. The tool is fantastic. It pulls data from GSC and visualizes them in an easy to understand manner. You can quickly and accurately see your keyword performance and find any gaps and optimize accordingly. I can highly recommend this tool, and the founder is a fantastic guy.

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